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Puppy's First Professional Groom

Its very important that you introduce your puppy to a grooming salon as soon as possible so they can become familiar with the sights and sounds, but it’s even more important that the experience is pleasant as this will stay with the dog for the rest of its life.

Cockapoo Puppy First Groom

How old should my puppy be before I book them an appointment?

One of the most common questions asked to a dog groomer regarding puppies is how old should the puppy be before they can book an appointment? The answer is that it can take place two weeks after the second set of puppy vaccinations, although the visit would normally be just a bath, dry and brush. The younger the puppy the more receptive they are to training and learning, a good experience with a groomer will also mean that when you groom them yourself at home they are familiar with the routine and they are not apprehensive, this is why the first visit to the groomers is more of a familiarisation appointment as it prepares them for any follow on or repeat visits.

So what can I and my puppy expect from the first visit to a dog groomer?

A good dog groomer will be friendly and welcoming with the pup, they will get the puppy used to the environment such as the noises and smells of the grooming salon such as the hair dryers for example which can sometime be unnerving when they are first switched on, the experience also offers an opportunity for the puppy to become friendly and familiar with the groomer, after all it should be a fun and enjoyable visit for your puppy. The routine would normally involve a bath, gentle blow dry, and brush, if they are confident they can also have their nails clipped, and ears cleaned. Ideally it would take around 2 – 3 visits on average for a puppy to become familiar with a particular groomer, but any introductory visits will help with preparing them. Later on it’s a good idea to introduce them to just the sound of the clippers, which prepares them for when they are actually used to trim the fur normally after they are approximately 8 - 12 weeks old.

Most breeds of dog will need to visit a professional grooming at least 5 - 6 times per year for the rest of their life so a good first experience with a groomer prepares them for regular visits.


Here at Mutts and Style we offer a Puppy's first groom service. Contact me if you need to ask any questions I'd be happy to help.


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